Batti the Designer

Diego Battista (Batti), one of the most important designers

Not too long ago, a young designer burst upon the Argentine design scene in a flash of brilliance, bringing with him such innovative modern designs as the remarkable Placentero Chair. His name is Diego Battista, but he goes by the name of Batti, and his designs are quickly becoming the center of attention in many homes and public buildings.

An accomplished artist in multiple fields that include drawing, sculpture, modeling, painting, photography, and even music, Batti fell into design when he discovered that he could take his artistic abilities to a new level—commercial design. Although inspiration can strike him under any circumstance and at any time, he has a studio in his home where he enjoys working through every step of the design process to give form to his ideas.

Batti enjoys connecting his designs to particular themes. In the case of the Placentero Chair, his super-comfortable, futuristically-styled lounge chair, the theme is Gestation. In adopting this theme, he focused on creating an organic representation of the comfort and security of human life in the womb. In fact, the name Placentero is also his own creation—a combination of the words for placenta and pleasure. Batti’s romantic ideal of the human condition before birth is embodied in the cozy, “floating” sensation the chair delivers.

While he’s generally designated as a modern, or contemporary designer, Batti prefers not to define his style by any particular category. Although admittedly a premiere designer of unique contemporary furniture, he enjoys investigating new concepts and exploring the human psyche; therefore, he avoids trends and prevailing standards to follow brand-new directions in modern design. After all, if a futuristic chair design leads us back to the womb, imagine the other thresholds Batti will be crossing with us!