Design Concept

As the origin of everything that surrounds human beings, Batti’s inspiration for the Placentero was the gestation period. By combining two words linked to this period of human development, “placenta” and “pleasure,” the name Placentero unfolded.

Placentero Chair design concept

When asked by MOCO LOCO to categorize his work, Batti replied, “It’s not defined, seems interesting to find my style, but I prefer not to tie my work to anything and to think that it is always possible to continue investigating about ourselves. I believe that in that search I try to avoid the fashions and the formality, for that reason, I chose ‘gestation’ as a theme that forced me to design with organic forms and messages of introspection considering that today the tendency by aesthetics and constructive convenience is minimalism and straight forms.”

Spurred by this vision, the development of the space design lounge chair then began. An investigation into the experiences human beings have before birth led to some new age techniques that recreated the experience of drifting in the womb. Suspension, floating, hypnosis, meditation, and antigravity systems are just some of the ways in which the design team revisited this natural stage of early life.

Batti embarked on several such hands-on investigations and numerous recompilations of bibliographic and illustrative design prototypes in its quest to recreate the fetal experience. Finally, after an exhaustive examination of all possibilities, the production of the Placentero naturally unfolded.

The end result of this process was a new lounge chaise that enables a person to connect with him or herself by giving him or her the opportunity to freely move about and settle into the position of his or her choosing. Personal comfort is the key appeal of the Placentero.