Eero aarnio ball chair

Eero Aarnia is renowned for his innovation in terms of modern classic chairs. Of Finnish descent, he was born in 1932 and since then has become popular for his plastic chairs and his fiberglass chairs. Having studies in Helsinki at the Institute of Industrial Arts, his personal office was initiated in the year 1962. The first innovation introduced by his office was the Ball Chair. This chair introduced in 1963 offers users a follow sphere design which is held in place through a stand. On one side it opens so that the user can sit inside of the sphere. The Bubble Chair, yet another Aarnia innovation was similar in its design but was clear instead of colorful and suspended from above rather than position on the ground through a stand.

As fiberglass became an important material for boat construction, Aarnio began to incorporate it into his modern classic chair designs. The material was resistant and was easy to mold to the desired shape. It soon became one of Aarnio’s favorite materials, allowing him to create ergonomic designs without any restrictions. With that, new designs began to arise such as the Pastil and Tomato Chairs.

Aarnio’s creative chair designs warranted the title of honorary professor by the President of Finland in 2007 followed by the Compasso d’Oro Design aware for another of his chair designs in Italy during 2008. That same year he took home the Kaj Frank Design Prize in Finland. 2010 was a busy year for his modern designs as he was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, the Pro Finlandia Medal in Finland, and the Green GOOD DESIGN for The Tree in the United States.

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