Jacobsen Egg Chairs

Arne Jacobsen is popularized for the egg chair design. Charged with designing a unique chair for the Radisson SAS hotel located in Copenhagen, Jacobsen produced the now-famous egg chair. Jacobsen employed the typical style with the egg chair utilizing only state-of-the-art materials. It is said that his egg chair design was inspired by the womb chair from Eero Saarinen. Sharing similar traits, the egg offers a complex design. The Egg chair was designed as a chair and a couch, though the couch version has only been seen on rare occasions. A few designs were released for the Radisson Hotel but the special edition versions run the cost of sixty thousand dollars.

The limited production of the egg-couch was not only due to the desire to remain exclusive but because making it remains very challenging. The couch is too large to be covered by two entire cow-hides, but the egg chair does not have this flaw, making it easier to produce. In this case, the couch version of the egg chair shows a visible stitching in the middle which is far from the Jacobsen spirit.

The Egg chair has become so popular because of its high quality and unique design that the McDonalds Corporation included one on a London-based restaurant as part of the redesign concept the company employed. Copenhagen included another egg chair in one of their McDonalds’ locations.

The Egg chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. The materials used include foam, upholstery, and aluminum and was manufactured by the Fritz Hansen Corporation, owned in part by Jacobsen and Hansen, in Denmark. Arne Jacobsen produced the first egg chair in his garage using a plaster cast. Now the synthetic egg shell is padded with cold foam after which the shell is covered with fabric while the aluminum star-shaped base is covered with leather.

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