Modern furniture based on the classics

Lounging about is a great way to pass the time, curled up in an innovative modern furniture. There are new impressive designs of furniture in public lounge areas of hotels and waiting areas. Anne Jacobsen’s classic Egg Chair design for the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Germany later inspired interesting variations like the Pod Chair, the Hanging Ball Chair, the Hanging Egg Chair, the Sphere Chair and the Ball Chair, among others.

Modern design furniture based on the classics never goes out of style. During the mid-century, these chairs became the innovation during their conception and their timeless beauty and design make them as popular today. There were various improvements with regards to materials and modern techniques of production, from their unveiling more than half a century ago but they remain very popular. Unique furniture designs will always have a place in whatever interior design scheme. They can suddenly transform a boring, ordinary room into an interesting, attention-catching space.

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