Why Original

It may seem like a stretch of the imagination to create a chair based on images of the human pre-birth experience, but there is one young Argentinian designer, Batti, who has an imagination that seems to stretch beyond all known limits. He has produced a unique chair that is not only a strong element in contemporary furniture design, but also creates an impression of floating suspension and tranquil meditation associated with life in the womb. The end result is the Placentero Chair, a modern design lounge chair with an emphasis on personal comfort.

Imitation of Placentero Chair

Avoid the horror stories that come with cheap imitations. The Placentero Chair requires a delicate balance of perfect shapes and weights to deliver its promise.

You may find some chairs from other manufacturers that mimic the design of the Original Placentero Chair, but these copycats don’t come close to providing the quality of the chair we offer. The fabrication process is just as unique as the design, and the manufacture of each piece includes secret standards to ensure a product that can’t be duplicated. The result is a chair that is not only a distinctive design element, but also a matchless experience in relaxation and comfort.

The two main components of the chair, the shell and the seat, are carefully assembled from casts to create a single unit with a graceful transition between shell and seat. The oversized design is engineered so that a person can assume a variety of positions for ultimate comfort, whether rocking or just sitting. Moreover, the Placentero Chair is perfectly balanced, creating the sensation of “controlled freedom.” Rocking in the chair feels like floating, and there’s no worry about tipping, because a counterbalance is built into the base.

It took several years of testing using varying shapes, weights, and locations to arrive at the perfect specifications for the counterbalance. It gives the user effortless control over the degree of motion and energy in rocking, with the added security of knowing that, no matter how much energy is behind the rocking motion, the chair will not tip over. This has been a problem with copycat chairs, as users have found to their dismay that the imitations don’t share the same “untippable” element. Not only that, because of the irregularities in the design, they find that the chairs are more difficult to rock using their own body movements.

The pure comfort of the seat can be attributed to the fact that it is flawlessly set into the shell for a perfect fit and covered with high-quality leather with just enough seaming to prevent folding or wrinkling. A special dying technique offers a wide variety of colors to suit any design scheme. Add to this the resin based finish applied to the fiberglass shell for easy care, and you have a chair that is not only unique, comfortable, and stylish, but practical as well.

Once you make the decision to become a proud owner of the authentic Placentero Chair, you never have to worry about your investment. The genuine item is manufactured under exacting conditions so that every detail is meticulously constructed, weight and balance are precisely calibrated, and finest quality materials are used. We guarantee shipping so that the chair arrives to you in perfect condition. If it doesn’t, just return the damaged chair at our expense, and we will send you a new one.